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How Using a Towel May Help You Get Better Sleep

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Do you struggle with getting sufficient shut-eye each night? Maybe you find it challenging to “power down” to give your body the restorative rest it needs.

We want to share some simple instructions to help enhance your unwinding process and save you time and money. It’s important to understand that your spine unwinds and corrects itself only when it is unlocked and at ease.

For Side Sleepers

Start with a pile of towels that is too high and gradually reduce the height. Begin with the towel pile approximately the same height as the spread of your fingers, from the thumb tip to the pinkie tip. Lie down on the floor with approximately four to five folded towels in a pile. If your body tends to fall forward, add another layer of towels. If it falls backward, remove a layer.

Once you find the correct height, you’ll notice that your eyes close almost automatically and feel like drifting off to sleep. Find the height that works best for you. Remember that the height may not appear level to an outside observer due to spinal curvatures.

For Back Sleepers

Take a hand or bath towel and fold one end three times, creating a two-inch-wide fold. Fold the other end in half. The towel under your neck should provide gentle support rather than pushing your neck upward. It should apply very light pressure.

Before trying this technique on your bed, practice establishing the towel height on the floor. Expect the towel height to change as you will sink into the bed more than the floor.

How Chiropractic Care May Help

Not surprisingly, many people find themselves carrying tension in their bodies, hindering their ability to achieve restful sleep. With chiropractic adjustments, you may experience relief from this tension, promoting improved blood circulation and relaxation of muscles, ultimately leading to a more tranquil sleep.

Give our practice a call today. We hope to help you slumber soundly tonight.

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