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What To Expect When You Visit Us


After completing your history form, you will be ushered to our consultation room where you will meet your chiropractor. They will take the time to get a complete picture of your current situation, your history and what we can do to help you.

We then perform a thorough chiropractic, neurological and orthopaedic examination which determines how we can best care for you so that you get the results that you desire. The examination will consist of several assessments to show us disturbances in your spine and nervous system.

The following tests may be performed, if indicated. They map areas of spinal stress, muscle tension, nerve activity and postural changes. Information gained is graphed and stored on computers so we can monitor progress as we bring you to better posture and function.

  1. Digital postural analysis and photos:
    We take standing digital photos and use state of the art software to analyse your posture.
  2. Digital X-ray analysis:
    Full Spinal digital x-rays determine the condition and position of your spine, stress areas, and the likely progression of your spine with time.

Having performed all of the required tests we will compile the results of your case and if necessary consult with the other chiropractors and develop a working strategy for your care.

Report Visit

In order for you to have informed consent around your care the next visit is in two parts. Firstly, you will watch a short video which helps explain chiropractic and what we do, as well as help you understand your x-rays and the results of your tests. The second half is your personalised report of findings in which we explain what we found, how we may be able to help you and a plan to achieve your outcomes.

Of course, any questions or concerns that you have will be answered.

If all is in order we will begin care at this point.

Your Regular Visits

Your regular Chiro visits usually only take 5-15 minutes. Sometimes an extended visit is required that may take an additional 10-20 minutes.

Progressive Exams

We regularly review your case and monitor your progress to ensure that we are on track with your outcomes. When your outcomes are met you will be given the chance to cease care and we will close your case file or you may opt for one of the many different levels of care that may be available to you.

Our goal is to give you extraordinary service and outstanding results. We aim to develop long term relationships with our people so that we will be there for you no matter what your health outcomes are.

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